Presenting at the National Yacht Club

Michael CarabashI had the great honour of presenting Dynamic Legal Forms to the Retirement Planners Association of Canada at their annual general meeting yesterday. That meeting was at the National Yacht Club in downtown Toronto. The weather was beautiful outside and I snapped some photos on my blackberry while heading in:




During my 45-minute presentation, I spoke about the concept, history, progress, accomplishments, and future of Dynamic Legal Forms. I tried keeping the presentation light and informal. We were sitting in a room with the lights off on a beautiful day. We had all just eaten lunch. The fear was that my voice would put everyone to sleep (including myself). Fortunately, everyone seemed interested in the presentation. There was a lot of back and forth with Qs and As. Retirement planners, financial advisors, and retirement lifestyle coaches wanted to know the nitty-gritty when it came to “how do I find the right lawyer?”, “where can I access good legal information for little or no cost?”, and “what do I do if an unhappy investor is coming after me?”. I tried to field all these questions in the context of the website and, based on my feedback, everyone was happy.

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