Pharmacist Testimonial

Here is a recent testimonial from a pharmacist who recently hired Michael Carabash (i.e. me):

“I am a Pharmacist and I retained Michael to help me review, revise, and negotiate a commercial lease agreement, sub-leases, and a marketing and distribution agreement. Overall, I am very pleased with having Michael on my side. I feel that I can rely on him to get the job done right. He gave me an upfront estimate of how much it would cost for his services and he stuck to his word. He went above and beyond what was required by spending a lot of time talking – in human, not legalese – about all of the legal issues involved in finalizing those agreements. When it looked like a deal wasn’t going to happen, Michael reminded me to look at things from a business perspective (not an emotional or personal perspective) and was able to find creative solutions to make the deal happen. Importantly, Michael makes himself available at all hours of the day and even on weekends. He is extremely responsive by phone or email. I felt that Michael cared about my business and wanted it to succeed; that’s why he would always be on my case about ensuring that I obtained, read, or signed documents (normally, I am the one telling lawyers to do those things!). He wanted to get the deals done just as much as I did. I was happy to have him on my team, looking after my interests while protecting my rights. Overall, I would not hesitate to use Michael again and I would recommend his services to other Pharmacists and professionals.”

FYI, all of our testimonials can be found here – and they are constantly growing as we continue to ask our users and clients for feedback about using Dynamic Legal Forms to find the right lawyer.

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