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Michael CarabashThere are a number of lawyers and law firms in Ottawa that strictly practice family law. FYI, family law in Ottawa is not really that different from family law elsewhere in Ontario. The Ontario Child Support Guidelines, Ontario Family Law Act, and the Ontario Family Law Rules all apply – irrespective of the Ontario city in which you reside. If you need an Ottawa family law lawyer, you should go to Dynamic Legal Forms and make a post. It’s 100% FREE and ANONYMOUS and family law lawyers in Ottawa will respond to you via e-mail with information and quotes.

Please note that the following is being provided for informative and educational purposes only. If you require an Ottawa family law lawyer to discuss your concerns and particular case, you are once again encouraged to go to Dynamic Legal Forms and make a post.

Notably, because family law deals with high tension, stress, and emotional issues involving couples, children, and property, the justice system (i.e. the government which makes the laws and the courts which enforce them) has taken the approach that alternative dispute resolution is generally better suited to deal with these issues than litigation.

Case in point, under s. 9 of the Federal Divorce Act, a lawyer has a duty in divorce proceedings to draw his or her client’s attention to those provisions of that Act that have as their object the reconciliation of spouses and to discuss with them the possibility of the reconciliation (e.g. through counseling, guidance facilities, etc.). The lawyer must also provide a certificate (i.e. a written statement) to the court upon commencing divorce proceedings that he or she has complied with said duty.

Under s. 10 of that Act, the court itself has a duty – before considering the evidence – to satisfy itself that there is no possibility of the reconciliation of the spouses (unless it would be clearly inappropriate to do so). The court may even adjourn at any stage in a divorce proceeding if it appears from the nature of the case, the evidence, or the attitude of the spouses that there is a possibility of reconciliation.

Finally, even throughout litigation under the Ontario Family Law Act (e.g. dealing with non-married couples), before trial, there are mandatory case conferences and settlement conferences wherein the parties must attend to try to settle the case before it gets to trial.

These days, collaboration, mediation, and alternative dispute resolution are all buzzwords that Ottawa family law lawyers use to help their clients resolve contentious family law issues. Family law centres, seminars, counseling, articles, and other alternative outlets are being used to spread the message: divorce doesn’t have to be so ugly and there is a life after it for all of the parties involved!

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