Ontario Wills and Estates…Legal Forms + Video Guides are on their way!

We’ve been working diligently on putting together a great Wills package. So far, we’ve got a 7 page Will, 2 pages worth of Affidavits for Attesting Witnesses (great for estate administration matters) so you don’t need to look for the witnesses later and have them sign the Affidavits, a 22 page DL Guide and another 8 page DL Guide. We’re also putting together a 10-15 minute video guide to show you an example of how to customize the Will. The first Will that we’re offering is going to be very simple. It’s going to allow you to appoint your estate trustee and pay out the residue of your estate (i.e. the leftovers after paying off your debts) to your surviving spouse. If your spouse is not alive at the time of your death or dies within 30 days of your death, then the residue of your estate will go to your surviving issue (i.e. your children, grand children, great grand children, etc.). This is a basic Will, so it’s not going to have long and relatively complicated clauses dealing with RRSPs, Life Insurance policies, gifting of particular articles, multiple estate trustees, spousal trusts, etc. It’s the simplest Will we could put together! As part of launching our first Will on Dynamic Legal Forms, we’re going to be putting out a TON of free legal information about Ontario Wills. Remember, we’re not only offering a simple Will here (with an outright distribution to your spouse), but we also have Powers of Attorney (for Personal Care and Property), a Living Will, and a Codicil in case you need to amend an existing Will. The Will and the Codicil both come with affidavits which you can take to a commissioner for taking affidavits (i.e. a lawyer) to commission and include with your Will. Very cool and exciting stuff…I’ll keep you posted…

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