OMG Law Talk Episode 2

Michael CarabashIt’s that time again! Following up on the success of episode 1, Garry Wise, Omar Ha-Redeye and myself are pleased to launch OMG Law Talk Episode 2. We got together in a studio and started talking about topics that interested us, such as: google juice, law firm public relations strategies, getting legal information online,blogging and the election of George Bush, responding to torture, etc. It’s a kind of different approach to lawyers using videos and social media: it’s not shameless self promotion. The video has been edited and put together courtesy of the super talented Garry Wise (notable Toronto employment and family law litigator, which Dynamic Legal Forms also has a profile report on). Many thanks also go out to popular law student blogger Omar Ha-Redeye, who blogged about OMG! Law Talk – Episode 2 on Law is Cool, and his personal website. Overall, I think you get a good mix of ideas and dynamics in this discussion (with more to come). I hope you enjoy it!

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