New Report: Top Legal Areas on the Internet

Michael CarabashWhat are the most popular legal areas on the internet? Is it personal injury law, family law, criminal law, real estate, wills and estates, business law, etc.? On Dynamic Legal Forms, we have broken down the legal areas (used by people to make posts) into 20 common categories and even excluded some – such as international law, aboriginal law, health law, military law, etc. To find out which ones were the most popular, I decided to break down the first 500 posts made on Dynamic Legal Forms and to take a random sample of 500 posts on While somewhat crude, I believe that this breakdown of 1,000 posts sheds valuable light on what people are using the internet for when it comes to legal services, finding lawyers, and getting answers to their legal questions. Download the full FREE report on the Top Legal Areas here (just scroll down):


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