New Dynamic Legal Forms eBook and Video…

Michael CarabashSo I realize that I haven’t been blogging much these days. But that’s because I’ve been working on a new Dynamic Legal Forms eBook entitled “Online Legal Marketing. For Lawyers. By Lawyers”. I spent all day yesterday and all of this morning writing it. I sent it out to some close family and friends and they absolutely loved it. Everyone was kind of impressed by how quickly I turned it out, but it all came naturally to me: I’ve had this stuff on my mind for a long time. So now, our professional graphics designer, Parastou (who is one hell of a graphics designer – she does all of our work), is working on making it look pretty. When it’s ready, we’ll blast it out FOR FREE to anyone who wants it (and it will be in HIGH DEMAND). I’ve been wanting to do an eBook about online legal marketing for some time, I just needed someone like Bob Berman (of Berman Barristers and MyOntarioDivorce) to remind me that I needed to do it. So thanks Bob!

Next, I’ve been working on a little video project that came to mind after I blogged about it a while back and after talking with employment lawyer and tech guru, Garry Wise. You’ll see it soon…I’m just putting the final touches on it…

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