More Nardo on the way…

Michael CarabashDue to the popularity of the original 3 Nardo comic strips (which can be found here), we’ll be adding 3 more comic strips within the next week or so. The idea behind Nardo was as follows… I grew up reading Charlie Brown, Tintin, and Archie comics. I loved that stuff (and still do). As such, to promote Dynamic Legal Forms in an educational and entertaining way (as opposed to another boring magazine/brochure/newsletter, etc.), we came out with a witty and tragic comic strip that features the misadventures of our main character, Nardo. With the help of our extremely talented cartoonist, Carmen, The Legal Adventures of Nardo became a reality. Short, witty, tragic, educational, and entertaining – that’s what we’re aiming for. Nardo is a fictitious person who suffers from legal problems in every comis strip. Such problems could range from getting a traffic ticket to being injured from an accident. In every case, he always gets ‘bitten in the butt’ by something and yells out ‘Far-fig-nugget! I need a lawyer!’ The word ‘Far-fig-nugget’ came from my brother, who used to say it at home because we weren’t allowed by my parents to swear in the house. Keep your eyes open for the next set of Nardo comics…Maybe we’ll bring Nardo to life by animating a comic strip…one day…one can dream, can’t they?

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