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Thanks and congratulations go out to Garry Wise and Omar Ha-Redeye for the great feature in Law Pro Magazine’s article entitled “Social Media: What?” Seems like an article like this was a long-time coming. The article talks about the various social media tools out there (e.g. facebook, twitter, blogging, linkedin, etc.) in terms of uses, benefits, and limitations. There’s even a swanky picture of Garry Wise in there. At the top of page 7, I am referenced along with Omar Ha-Redeye because of Garry’s Blog and OMG! Law Talk:

His blog is another means of “getting the information out there” – in a variety of formats. He often includes video clips, for example, and has just added a video series called OMG! Law
Talk, which features “informal, but often emphatic conversations on legal issues, politics, technology and social media” between Wise and fellow law bloggers Michael Carabash and Omar Ha-Redeye.

Great article and every lawyer should definitely give it a read…

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