Meeting Kevin O’Keefe in Toronto last night…

Meeting Kevin O’Keefe: Lessons Learned…

Last night, Social Media Guru Kevin O’Keefe of LexBlog hosted a get together for lawyer bloggers (and others) at P.J. Obrien Irish Pub and Restaurant in Toronto. Garry Wise (Toronto family and employment lawyer), Omar Ha-Redeye (Toronto articling student) and Mark C. Robins (CEO of Lawyer Locate) were in attendance, along with Phil Brown (Law Society) and other blogging lawyers.

I had the honour of listening to Kevin and asking him some pertinent questions like: How did you start? Where are you at now? Where are you headed? His responses were: he started blogging EARLY by simply answering questions online; he invested in a PROFESSIONAL look and feel for his website; and he believes that the future of social networking will lie in trying to make sense of all the information that’s out there. Someone’s gotta edit all that content in a meaningful way and present it to the audience. And everyone’s going to want to be on these blogs.

Kevin has essentially created a legal and technological thinktank with LexBlog, which has thousands of blogs (and even more so lawyers) connected with one another.

So what’s the biggest impediment to lawyers joining his very service or blogging generally? Well, lawyers may think it’s too expensive. Nope. A few hundred dollars a month is a great investment for what LexBlog is offering (setting up the blog, spam service, template modifications, RSS submissions, etc.). Does it take too much time to blog? It depends: if you’re not a hard-core blogger, how does less than an hour a day sound for a good quality post? If you’re a hard-core blogger (like me), you’ll probably spend 2 + hours a day blogging (mind you, I do other things than simply blog online). And finally, is there a payoff? Absolutely: every lawyer I spoke with yesterday who had a blog said they got clients from it (and I’m one of them TOO). So you have absolutely no excuse not to do it!

FYI, Garry, Omar and I shot another OMG! Video with Kevin…Garry’s editing it, but it should be out soon…

(From Left) Me; Chris Jaglowitz of Gardiner Miller Arnold; Megan Connolly of Connolly Law; Andrea Krywonis of Gardiner Miller Arnold; Kevin O'Keefe from Lexblog; Omar Ha-Redeye; Lorraine Fleck from Hoffer Adler LLP; Mark C Robbins of Lawyer Locate; and Garry Wise from Wise Law (Photo Credit: Phil Brown)

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