Marriage Contract (avoid creating financial obligations): NEW DL LEGAL FORM + VIDEO GUIDE!

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We just released a long-awaited MARRIAGE CONTRACT for Ontario (avoid financial obligations during and after marriage). This is legal form #29 (we keep increasing our inventory!)

Marriage Contract: what’s it all about?

Now, in case you’re wondering when you would use a Marriage Contract, let me explain. If you’re already married but don’t want your financial obligations (e.g. support, division of property, etc.) to be affected by your marriage (either during or after), then you can use this agreement to avoid creating those financial obligations. A MARRIAGE CONTRACT is a type of DOMESTIC CONTRACT (that’s what it’s called in the Ontario Family Law Act). Other types of DOMESTIC CONTRACTS include a COHABITATION AGREEMENT (for non-married couples who want to live together or who are living together) and PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENTS (for parties who are about to get married).

Just so you know…each legal form package comes with:

  • A lawyer-prepared, customizable, easy to understand legal form
  • A legal form in microsoft word, wordperfect, and rich text format
  • A video tutorial showing you an example of how to fill out the legal form
  • A written guide (26 pages!) that discusses the various issues you should be aware of with respect to marriage contracts
  • ANOTHER written that talks about how legal forms can be challenged (so you know how to avoid or reduce the likelihood that they will be challenged).

ALL OF THIS would normally cost thousands of dollars from a lawyer to prepare (I should know: I have and continue to do it for clients with respect to marriage contracts). But you can have all of this without emptying your pocket book: only $97 plus tax! I would also recommend that you get a lawyer or commissioner for taking affidavits to commission the affidavit of the witness (who is required to see both parties sign in order for the marriage contract to be valid under the Family Law Act). I’ve added a draft affidavit at the end of the marriage contract to make things easy. The cost will be around $20-$40 or so for a commissioner of taking affidavits to commission the affidavit.

Best of all, if you need a lawyer (e.g. independent legal advice, commissioning the affidavit, and adding some customization), you can always make a post on Dynamic Legal Forms. Finally, if you want to become an affiliate and earn 25% commissions on the sale of all of our legal forms, then just check out this post and you can sign up here (you’ll need a website and a paypal account).

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