Marriage Contract Template: Updated Form + DL Guide

Marriage Contract Template (Ontario): Updated!

I’m pleased to announce that we have just updated our Marriage Contract Template for Ontario. Specifically, we’ve done the following:

  • Included a TABLE OF CONTENTS of the form, which can be seen by clicking the link above and then clicking on the sample form.
  • Made the terms and conditions dealing with the Matrimonial Home more flexible with respect to who owns it and how net proceeds will be divided upon the sale.
  • Included an indemnification provision: each party will be responsible for their own debts unless the other party agrees or the Prenuptial Agreement says otherwise. Each party will also promise to indemnify (i.e. pay) the other party for a breach of this section.
  • Added an additional witness (although one is required by law, we felt that two would be better than one).
  • Updated the DL guide from 26 to 28 pages to reflect these new changes!

Marriage Contract

This Agreement can be used by parties in Ontario who are already married and who want to avoid creating financial obligations to each other during the course of their marriage. If you want to keep your income and assets yours during the term of your marriage and afterwards, you can use this legal form package.

Marriage Contract Ontario

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