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Michael CarabashDynamic Legal Forms is pleased to announce that Legal Line has put a link on their website to Dynamic Legal Forms through a “Ask a Lawyer” feature. Recall that is a great access to justice resource for those wanting to know more about Canadian law in general. Legalline ® was founded as a federal not-for-profit corporation in 1993 by lawyer Antree Demarkos and her husband and telecom whiz, Ian Levine. The two established a phone service, whereby everyday people could call in and, through a series of automated prompts, listen to a pre-recorded voice talking about the legal information they sought. To get to that point, Demarkos and Levine had to enlist the service of 300 top Ontario lawyers to work for free, writing about topics in each’s area of expertise (e.g. criminal law, landlord and tenant law, business law, etc.). Over 1000 legal issues are covered in a simple question/answer and problem/solution format, which allows listeners and readers to get the information they need without the legal jargon. Next, they found people with nice voices to freely record the information. They also began printing and distributing millions of guides (2 feet by 3 feet) to law offices, police stations, recreations centres, and (with the help of Canada Post) eventually to every home in Ontario. The guide is a directory of all legal topics that is to be used by individuals when calling the Legalline telephone service. Finally, they recruited sponsors to offset the cost of the service and maintain credibility. Speaking of credibility, there is a very long list of people, corporations, and other organizations that endorse Legalline, and some testimonials can be found here. In 1997, Demarkos and Levine established to compliment their phone and fax services. Most recently, with the help of lawyers and legal writers James Middlemiss (National Post – Legal Post) and Michael Crawford, Demarkos and Levine published Your Guide to Canadian Law: Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions in 2006. That invaluable book (which is a Canadian best seller) was updated this year.

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