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Michael CarabashIn this blog, I’ll list some of the legal forums in North America I’ve come across over the past little while. While some of these legal forums have been around longer than others, I still think it’s important to give the new ones a chance as they might end up growing to be a great source of legal information over time.

So here’s my list:

  1. Lawbuzz: deals with news, lawyer stuff, big and small firm issues.
  2. Legal Chat Online: online legal forum by law firm Steigerwalt & Associates.
  3. Expert Law: offering free legal help on hundreds of topics.
  4. Free Advice: free advice legal forum.
  5. Law Info: legal discussion boards.
  6. Slash Legal: legal information | discussion gateway for law.
  7. Advice Scene: online legal resources.
  8. The Attorneys Forum: legal help and law discussion forums

Feel free to contact me if you come across any more and I’ll add them to the list. Thanks in advance!

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