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I am pleased to announce that the Globe and Mail has featured yet another article of our Legal Forms + Video Guides and our Make a Post and Get FREE QUOTES from Ontario lawyers. Here’s the most recent article by Ian Harvey that mentions us: Law firms cater to small business clients with new structures and services.

Here’s the text of the article that relates to Dynamic Legal Forms:

Technology is the driving force behind this change in the way that firms interact with a new range of business clients, says Michael Carabash, a Toronto lawyer.

Mr. Carabash runs an online legal clinic,, which offers anyone the opportunity to post queries which certified lawyers can respond to via email.

His next project is an “assisted self-serve model” of legal advice, in which clients pay for a downloadable package of legal forms along with video tutorials on how to complete and file them.

He’s still building his inventory but has already developed packages for confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements and general settlement agreements.

Once a client has finished with the paperwork, “a lawyer can review it, make suggestions, and ensure that they’ve covered what they wanted in the first place,” says Mr. Carabash. He adds that the cost is a fraction of what would have been spent with a traditional law firm.

Many thanks go out to Ian Harvey of Pitbull Media for writing about us.

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