Legal Forms, Dragon’s Den, and a Parody Video – oh my!

OK, so while I’m preparing for the May 1st audition on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, I thought it would be a good idea to just update everyone on what we’re doing with the website. First, we’re coming out with more legal forms + video guides. We’ve received some great media attention since launching (Newtalk 1010, National Post blog, Lawyers Weekly, Goldhawk Live, Canadian Bar Association Bar Talk and more on the way…), but now we’ve got to hunker down and do 2 things: create more packages and tell people about ’em. So I’ve been working on a number of new packages which will be released in the coming days.

First, we’re putting out a new Independent Contractor Agreement (with Statement of Work included). This differs slightly from the Independent Contractor Agreement that already exists because it includes a Schedule to address issues related to the services which the Independent Contractor will perform. The Independent Contractor Agreement package which currently exists (no Statement of Work included) is almost the same thing, but a Client will include all the particulars about the Services within the contract itself and not in a Schedule. I think that both are very good, but the one you use will depend on your business. For example, if you’re a Client dealing with just 1 independent contractor and 1 job or project, then you may not need to have a separate schedule. Just use the contract. If, however, you’re dealing with many independent contractors and simply want to make minor changes to the contract itself and reserve the nuts and bolts to a Schedule, then use the Independent Contractor Agreement that comes with a Statement of Work form in the Schedule. Both sell for $97 and come with a free video tutorial and 2 free written guides. FYI, an Independent Contractor Agreement is often called a Master Service Agreement, Consulting Agreement, etc.

The next package we’ve almost got ready to go is an Employment Agreement with an indefinite term. This is going to be very popular with Human Resource companies and others who want to hire people, not as independent contractors, but as employees. The words “indefinite term” means that once the person gets hired, they will continue to be employed until they resign or get terminated. This is probably a more popular way of doing employment agreements instead of having fixed terms because there are lots of problems if you don’t end the employment relationship on the date in the agreement.

The next few packages – which we hope to release sometime next week – are going to be VERY popular. You guessed it: Ontario Cohabitation Agreements and Marriage Contracts (often referred to as Prenuptial Agreements). These are somewhat complicated, but have no fear: we’ll be offering different versions of these agreements with enough guidance to walk you through it all. There will be Ontario Cohabitation Agreements which SURVIVE marriage (the one we have released does not survive marriage) and which become Marriage Contracts. We will have Ontario Cohabitation Agreements which also create financial obligations on the parties (the one we have released already avoids creating financial obligations concerning support and the division of property). Finally, we will have Ontario Marriage Contracts (also referred to as Pre-nups) that deal with both no-financial and financial obligations as between the parties. This is going to be very popular…

Finally, this weekend – weather permitting – I’ll be finishing up what I started last Saturday: the final parody video about the Ontario Reports.

Hopefully, all of these packages will be ready and released by next week and definitely before my May 1st audition on CBC’s Dragon’s Den 🙂

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