Lawyer Referral Service: $6 for 30 minute phone call

Michael CarabashThe Law Society of Upper Canada’s (“LSUC“) Lawyer Referral Services (“LRS“) has been around for some time now and it is well promoted. For $6, anyone can call 1-900-565-4577 and be connected to a local lawyer who will speak to them for 30 minutes about their case. I believe the time has come for the LSUC’s LRS to embrace technology and make it free and more convenient for users to get in touch with the right local lawyers. To this end, I mailed a letter dated November 25, 2008 to John Peddie, manager of the LSUC LRS. I stated in that letter:

“I’m writing to you because I believe there may be possible opportunities/synergies between the LSUC’s Lawyer Referral Service and Our website is completely free for users, posts are made on an anonymous basis, and users are capable of obtaining information from multiple lawyers who focus in the area of law requested. Please have a look at the website and let me know what you think”.

A few weeks after sending the letter, I received a generic letter from the LSUC LRS, asking me to sign up for their services. I’m still waiting for their response to my letter…

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