Michael CarabashLawyer Find: how do most Ontarians find a lawyer?

Well, a dated but still relevant survey conducted by Manifest Communications of the public attitudes towards Ontario lawyers showed that most people turn to informal networks to find lawyers [source: Milton W. Zwicker, Developing & Managing a Successful Law Firm, (Toronto, Canada: Thomson Canada Ltd., 1995), p. 107]. The study identified 4 main ways people find lawyers:

Recommendation of friends: 32%
Word of mouth, generally: 25%
Suggestions of family: 19%
Business referral: 12%

This study revealed that 88% of people at the time that study was completed would find a lawyer through associations and personal networks. This study is likely still indicative of how Ontarians find lawyers. Other avenues, such as advertising in the Yellow Pages, on radio and television, in magazines and newspapers, have not been 100% successful in bringing people and lawyers together. New opportunities, however, exist for technology to replace these informal networks to allow people using the phrase “lawyer find” in Search Engines like Google to locate and assess suitable lawyers. Such services include Dynamic Legal Forms.

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