Law Times article re: Richard Susskind

Michael CarabashRobert Todd of the Law Times has just written an article entitled “Susskind Joins CBA as Special Advisor”, which can for the moment be found here. In that article, Richard Susskind describes two phenomena that are going to disrupt the way in which traditional legal services are offered: automatic document assembly and the formation of giant online communities (sharing information and the costs of legal services). Ironically, Richard Susskind is doing a book tour and advising the largest law firms in England and the U.K. about the future of law – i.e. the same individuals and groups who are profiteering from traditional practices. They have an incentive not to listen and to resist the changes that he’s predicting. But resist as they might, change is coming and there’s nothing that they can do to stop it: lawyers and non-lawyers will team up to dispense quicker, more convenient, and more affordable legal services through new mediums and technologies. And Dynamic Legal Forms is just the start…

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