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Michael CarabashLaw firm SEO or Search Engine Optimization is often centred around a niche marketing strategy. In a nutshell, this means that lawyers or law firms specialize in one or a very small number of legal areas and become experts in that field.

Let’s look at it in a bit more detail, shall we? Your time, energy, and resources are dedicated to one legal field. Your marketing communications mix (i.e. the various methods by which they communicate their value proposition to their target market – such as direct mail, public relations, networking events, e-mails, newsletters, flyers, advertisements, etc.) are centred around this niche strategy.

For their part, the marketplace rewards you – the niche competitor – because your brand name is more unique and memorable when it comes to looking for a lawyer or law firm that specializes in a particular area of law. It becomes easier for people to talk about your practice because they only need to remember that you do one thing really well. Also, because you’re focussed on one particular area, you can dominate it more effectively than competitors who diversify their legal areas. You can keep apprised of all the latest news and changes in your particular legal area. You can also educate your clients in those legal areas quicker than competitors. Finally, you can get away with charging premiums because of your specialized knowledge, skills, and experiences in a particular legal area (which competitors may not be able to offer).

To excel in law firm search engine optimization with a niche strategy, you need to pick out your keywords (i.e. those keywords that potential clients are inputting into search engines like Google and Yahoo) and make sure your website, blog, etc. content caters to those keywords. This will make you rank high on Google. You often hear the statistics that virtually no one makes it past the second page on Google or Yahoo. So if you’re not there, you need to change it up to make sure that you are.

So let’s recap. Niche marketing: it’s better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond.

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