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With respect to online marketing, I’ve already talked about law firm seo or search engine optimization in the context of Niche Marketing, buying links, great law firm SEO resources (which are also FREE), 10 Tips and 10 More Tips, the importance of Strategy, and Law Firm SEO: a world of its own.

But these days, I’ve been thinking long and hard about getting Dynamic Legal Forms involved in offering online marketing services to lawyers. Naturally, it makes sense for us to penetrate this market since we do it ourselves and we’ve been developing the necessary competencies in-house. Since last November, I’ve been involved in marketing and promoting Dynamic Legal Forms both offline and online in various media to generate a buzz about what we do. So now I believe it may be time to turn a new leaf and start sharing what we’ve learned with other lawyers who want to establish a marketing presence – both online and offline.

What makes us believe we can succeed? Well, in my humble opinion, we’ve been doing a bang up job with Dynamic Legal Forms, which has been featured in various local and national media (and which will continue to be featured so) since launching last November, whose traffic has consistently increased (and continues to do so) month over month, whose users and lawyers have continued to increase (and will continue to do so), and which will continue to expand to new cities and add additional functionality to improve the user experience.

So, if you are a lawyer or law firm that wants to take your marketing initiatives to the next level, give me a shout at Over the next little while, I’ll be putting together our retainer agreement for such services.

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