Michael CarabashLaw Firm SEO: the “SEO” stands for (in case you didn’t realize) “Search Engine Optimization”. What’s it all about? Three words: search engine rankings. The higher you rank on Google and Yahoo, the more people will be able to find you (and hence, the more likely they’ll follow up with you to retain your services). But rankings are dependant on the keywords being entered into the search engine. In other words, you want your law firm to be found for the keywords that people are searching for in order to find your law firm’s particular legal services.

Here are 10 law firm SEO tips and tricks I learned that will help you optimize your website for certain targeted keywords:

  1. Have your keywords in your URL / domain name if possible.
  2. Have your keywords in your meta tags (which are background elements in your website which may contain information about what the website is all about).
  3. Have your keywords near the top of your webpage.
  4. Have a low keyword density – i.e. your keywords should appear less than 10% of your overall text.
  5. Have about 500 words in your text.
  6. User headers and put the keywords in your headers.
  7. Have inbound links to your website that use the keywords in the actual link text.
  8. Blog, blog, blog (e.g. if you’re a lawyer, join the DL Blog – we get lots of traffic and you can link back to your website).
  9. Have a sitemap and a robots.txt file to help search engines index your website.
  10. Submit your website to search engines, directories, and ask other prominent websites in your industry to link to your website.

These are just some of the more popular law firm SEO tips. There are literally hundreds of variables which can be used to help improve your law firm SEO. There are websites like, which is headed up by Steve Matthews, that are dedicated to helping their clients expand and improve their law firm SEO to rise in the Google and Yahoo rankings.

You can hire an SEO company to help you improve your rankings and they’ll do these and other things for you to that end. Remember: if you’re a busy lawyer, you shouldn’t be delving into these things (you’ll waste lots of time and lose lots of money through opportunity costs along the way).

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