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Michael CarabashLaw Firm Search Engine Optimization or “SEO” for short is all about optimizing your website for selected keywords such that it appears high on Google pages when users enter in those keywords.

I’ve been visiting some great websites that deal with SEO in general and I wanted to share some thoughts and resources.

You’ve heard it before, but it’s worth repeating: content is king. The more high quality content you have, the more that search engines will index your pages higher on their rankings. This is because other websites will likely link to your content (because of its authoritativeness) and the more links you have, the better. Also, search engines likely regularly updated content (it treats it as more relevant than static pages).

So the first step is to find out how much content search engines actually see. This is easy. Just go to Google and type in the following: site: url. So, if your website was, then you would type in: The search engines will display all of the pages they’ve indexed from your site.

Interestingly, Google’s spider (i.e. the bot that crawls the web and indexes pages) is faster and more efficient than the Yahoo spider (called slurp). No one is really sure why this is the case, but many people have complained that Yahoo is very slow at indexing website pages. The only explanation that people on the Internet keep saying is: be patient, wait, and eventually yahoo will index your website.

Another tool you can use to determine how Google (and likely other search engines) rank your page is to visit Google PageRank. Just go to the website and type in your url (e.g. Within a matter of seconds, Google Page Rank will return a number out of 10 that gives you insight into how well ranked your website is on Google. Most websites are ranked 0,1, or 2. You should keep coming back to this tool to see if your law firm search engine optimization techniques, strategies, and perhaps vendors are improving your search engine results.

Finally, I really liked reading Henry Harlow’s 3-part blog series entitled Law Firm Internet Marketing An Executive Summary Via Q&A, wherein Henry discusses things like law firm search engine optimization (what does it all mean), tools like wordtracker, RSS feeds, and selecting proper domain names.

Happy law firm SEOing!

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