Dynamic Legal Forms Will-O-Matic Review:

You can see more testimonials from people who purchased the Will-O-Matic software here (just scroll down).

Here’s a recent testimonial from someone who used our Will-O-Matic system to create their own Will:

“I bought a voucher for my husband to use to create his will, and he asked me to get it started for him so I did. Turns out I not only got it started, but was able to finish the basic document in only a few minutes – the Wizard is really easy to use! I created my own will through another service and it took much longer, and sometimes I didn’t know what answers to put. But the Dynamic Legal Forms system is a lot easier because the questions are yes/no and those that require longer answers, give you several suggestions to pick from in plain English. Depending on the answers, more questions come up, which really makes you consider your answers carefully. It was all very clear and very easy to build on for the future. Plus they allow one year for edits – so my husband can go in and get more specific with things without being under the gun for time. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have a will; I’ve seen firsthand what can happen when a death occurs in a common-law couple and there is no will – it can be devastating for the surviving partner to deal with not only grief but having to sort out financial affairs, defend against other claims on the estate etc. If you don’t have a will, protect yourself by going to Dynamic Legal Forms!”

Nicole from Toronto

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