Last Will and Testament Canada: the Will-O-Matic system has arrived!

Last Will and Testament Canada

Well, after a long and meticulous process of research of development, we have finally released the most ADVANCED, comprehensive, and flexible online software to make a Will: the Will-O-Matic system.

Canadians no longer have to pay $369 to a lawyer (that was the average fee for a simple Will from a Canadian lawyer in 2011). Nor do Canadians have to wait extended periods of time on lawyers to prepare their Wills. Within an hour – assuming you have all your information handy (e.g. names, address, etc.) – you can create a custom-tailored Will using our Will-O-Matic system.

So what makes our system the best and perhaps EVEN BETTER than what most lawyers offer in terms of a simple Will?

First and foremost, it is our attention to detail. We ask questions. And then we ask more question. And then we keep asking questions. Your answers force you to think about situations which others – including lawyers – may not have asked. For example:

  • if you give a gift to someone, but they die before you, what happens to that gift? Is it cancelled or does it go to someone else?
  • If you make a charitable gift, but that charity doesn’t exist at the time of your death, does that gift get cancelled or does it go to another charitable or community organization (as your Estate Trustee may determine)?
  • What if you give your residue (i.e. left over assets) to your spouse in a trust and then he or she dies 5 years later? What happens to the money and property (if any) that’s left in that trust? Does it go to one person or multiple people?
  • What if you want it to go to three people, but one of the three dies before you and leaves behind children? Do their children inherit their dead parent’s share? Or do the original other two people get that deceased person’s share?
  • If you have minor children when you die, who do you want to name as their legal representative? What about a substitute?
  • Do you want to prevent your beneficiaries from dividing their inheritance with their spouse in case of a divorce (you can do this through your Will in SOME provinces).
  • Do you want disputes to be mediated instead of going through court?
  • Do you want to include your own clauses?

So you see, we try to anticipate and address MANY questions that 2 or 3 page fill-in-the-blank Will kits or downloadable templates don’t.

But on top of that, we actually go above and beyond what is required in getting your Will done by EDUCATING you all about Wills in your province. For example, the Ontario eBook is 73 pages, single spaced, and contains more information than you need to know about Wills. But we give it to you anyways! It shows you how complex Wills and estates laws are, but doesn’t use lawyer-speak to get the message across. We only speak in simple English (no legal mumbo jumbo). If you ask a lawyer to prepare a document like our eBook, you’d better be prepared to pay a few thousand dollars for it!

Finally, most people don’t tell you that it’s best to get affidavits from your witnesses to facilitate probate. Everyone thinks that doing your Will is simply good enough. But we go that extra mile by providing you with downloadable witness affidavit templates (in .doc, .rtf, and .wpd formats) so that you can have your witnesses appear before a Commissioner for Taking Oaths in your province and swear or affirm the document. The courts will ultimately ask your estate trustee (or Liquidator in Quebec) for these affidavits; so why delay in getting them? Your witnesses might not be around or available to get them done when you pass away. So get them done at the same time as you’re doing your Will – and you’ll help avoid a future headache!

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