Kitchener Lawyers – where to find them?

Michael CarabashThere are about 375 lawyers in Kitchener, Ontario. A listing of some of the lawyers which can be found in Kitchener can be found on some websites. Unfortunately, these websites don’t tell you what legal areas these lawyers practice or anything else other than their contact information. This makes it a pretty weak resource to finding a Kitchener lawyer, in my opinion.

You could also turn to the Gold Book or the Yellow Pages to try to find a Kitchener lawyer. The Gold Book, unfortunately, has 34 pages worth of Kitchener lawyers and it’s not the most convenient thing in the world to be going through all this information and making phone calls to set up appointments (some of which may cost a few hundred dollars in consultation fees).

So now we turn to Dynamic Legal Forms, which has recently expanded to Kitchener. If you need a Kitchener lawyer, then you can simply go to Dynamic Legal Forms, make a post (it’s 100% free and anonymous) and get some quotes from Kitchener lawyers). We started in Toronto, expanded to Ottawa and Mississauga, and are now expanding to Kitchener.

According to Wikipedia, “the metropolitan area, which includes the neighbouring cities of Waterloo and Cambridge, has 451,235 people, making it the eleventh largest Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) in Canada and the fifth largest CMA in Ontario.”

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