Jordan Furlong – End of the Traditional Legal Business Model

Michael CarabashIn the Spring 2009 edition of the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice’s News and Views, Jordan Furlong points out the various reasons why the end is near for the traditional legal business model. His article, which can be found here, makes some very compelling arguments as to why billing by the hour, paying lawyers by the hour, and lawyers relying on their knowledge to maintain power over clients will give way to massive changes (that are already underway). Those changes include increased competition from overseas, collaborative communities that disseminate legal knowledge, and increased pressure from corporate clients on lawyers to control their fees. Jordan also talks about Richard Susskind’s new book, The End of Lawyers? Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services, which I’ve blogged about extensively here, here, here, and here. Overall, his message is clear: lawyers should embrace the changes that are coming our way, not fear or resent them. I agree entirely.

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