I’ve been invited to speak on Zoomers AM740 next Wednesday…

Michael CarabashI’ve been invited to be a guest on Dale Goldhawk’s AM740 Zoomers show. Here’s some more information about the show. To begin, “Zoomers” refers to people over 50 who embrace life. Dale Goldhawk is the host of the show. He is a Gemini award nominee, journalist and broadcaster and his 3-hour show, Goldhawk Fights Back, is heard on The New AM740, Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm. The New AM740 is a rare 50,000 watt clear channel frequency, originally granted to the CBC. It reaches a vast area – from Georgian Bay to the north; Ohio to the south; Michigan to the west; and New York to the east. It plays “The Best Of The Best”. No one-hit-wonders here! The New AM740 is the only place to hear all-time favourites from the ‘30s and ‘40s with Miller, Dorsey and Shaw – to ’50s standards from Sinatra, Bennett and Clooney – into the ’60s with The Beatles, Streisand and Elvis – the ‘70s with Billy Joel, Neil Diamond and Gordon Lightfoot – and today with Leonard Cohen, Diana Krall and Michael Buble (source:

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