Interviewed by Michael McKiernan (Law Times Magazine) about our Legal Forms + Video Tutorials + Written Guides

I am pleased to announce that I was just interviewed by Michael McKiernan, a reporter for the Law Times Magazine, about our Legal Forms + Video Tutorials + Written Guides. Michael McKiernan was interested in our legal forms because of a new entrant into the field of do-it-yourself legal forms: The latter is a new website that offers customizable contracts to Canadians. I spoke with Michael McKiernan about:

  • whether I’ve encountered resistance from the legal community for developing my legal forms;
  • how many legal form packages we currently have (90);
  • how many legal form packages we’re aiming for (200-300);
  • how we offer a plethora of legal forms for all wakes of life (e.g. family, wills and estate, employment, etc.);
  • what makes our legal forms different (they’re written in humanese, are customizable and affordable, and they come with a TON of FREE guidance);
  • how LAWYERS have been buying our legal forms; and
  • how long each legal form takes to put together.

FYI, the brainchild behind ContractTailor is Chilwin Cheng, a B.C. lawyer who also developed another website,, which offers legal templates and guidance. I’m always happy to see new entrants into the marketplace because it helps add credibility and maturity to an otherwise immature market (people are still shopping for legal services the traditional way, but they really should be hopping online to save big and educate themselves in the process!). Keep up the good work, Chilwin!

I’ll be sure to blog about Michael McKiernan’s piece once it comes out (I’m told next week!).

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