Integrate your Blog with Twitter

Michael CarabashSo you want to integrate your blog with twitter? In other words, you want your new blog posts to show up on twitter and your new tweets to show up somewhere on your blog? Easy stuff. Here’s what to do. First, you need both a blog and a twitter account. Then, you simply need to go here to grab the code to integrate into your blog. If you’re using WordPress, you can simply create a new text widget on your blog and insert that code. You also need to install a plugin (I user Tweetly Updater) on your blog, which automatically updates your twitter and blog whenever you do either. For example, if you write a blog post, your twitter account will automatically be updated with the first line will appear with a url at the end which takes someone to your blog post. That tweet will also appear in your twitter box on your blog. If you decide to tweet (e.g. using twitterberry as I do), then your tweet will also show up on your twitter box on your blog. To finally integrate everything, you’ll need to go into your WordPress settings and configure your Twitter account (username, password). I personally remove the setting that includes text (e.g. I just made a new blog post: [title]) at the beginning of every tweet because it takes up too much room. That’s it! Happy blogging and tweeting!

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