Independent Contractor Agreement: NEW DL LEGAL FORM + VIDEO GUIDE!

Here comes Legal Form + Video Guide #18:

Independent Contractor Agreement (Client) – With Statement of Work

This Agreement can be used by a Client who wants to engage the services of an Independent Contractor (e.g. a consultant, a professional, a general worker, etc.) without creating an employment relationship. The “Client” means that this Independent Contractor Agreement favours the Client – for example, through notice, termination, standards of care, and restrictive covenants, etc. The “Statement of Work” means that there is a schedule in this particular Independent Contractor Agreement to describe the services (instead of writing everything out in the actual agreement, it’s included in a Schedule). We also have an Independent Contractor Agreement without a Statement of Work. Here’s the sample Video Guide that comes with this Independent Contractor Agreement (Client) – With Statement of Work:

This information and this sample video guide is NOT legal advice and is provided for informational purposes only. If you need an Ontario lawyer, go to Dynamic Legal Forms and make a post.

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