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If you have all of your information, you can go finish your Will in under 30 minutes.  And all from the comfort from your home or office.  No need to download anything onto your computer (other than a .pdf viewer, like Adobe Reader, which is free).  Here is the type of information you should gather prior to starting:

  1. A proper description of property you want to give away (e.g. a vehicle, jewelry, real estate, etc.).
  2. For gifts of real estate, a proper description of the real estate (legal description, municipal address, etc.).
  3. Who you want to administer your estate when you pass away (i.e. called your Estate Trustee in most provinces and your Liquidator in Quebec).
  4. Who you want to give your property to (i.e. your beneficiaries) and how to spell their full legal names.
  5. The institutions and account numbers where you might have an RRSP, RRIF, and TFSA.
  6. The name of the company and the policy number for your life insurance policies.
  7. Who you want to have as being responsible for your minor children.
  8. Who you want to have as your witnesses (full legal names and addresses).
  9. Whether you want to include special provisions in your Will.
  10. When you expect to sign your Will and have it witnessed.

Now, when you’re done your Will, you should also fill out the Asset Information and Liability Checklist that we provide for FREE.  This will help your Estate Trustee know and have access to your assets, particularly online and digital assets.

How long would it take you to visit a lawyer’s office, have them ask you numerous questions (perhaps in the form of a cumbersome and simplistic checklist), have them draft it for you, have them explain everything to you, and then come in and sign in front of witnesses?  I’ve done this a number of times for clients myself, and I believe it would take no less than 5 hours to do everything properly.  So how can our software allow you to do it yourself in just 30 minutes?  It asks all the questions a lawyer would.  It is very flexible and comprehensive.  And it uses logic to put together your customized legal Will.  And here’s the best part: you can do it from your home or office and you don’t have to do it all in one shot!

Peace of Mind Starts HERE:

To create your own Last Will and Testament (and don’t forget about creating your Powers of Attorney too!), just click on the image below:

YOU want a Will software:

  • That is based on provincial Wills laws (not something that claims it is good for “Canada” but which doesn’t use the right language or follow the laws of your Province).
  • That is comprehensive enough to take into account your unique situation.
  • That is easy to understand, fast to go through, and affordable (no additional legal fees required).
  • That is created by a Canadian lawyer.
  • That allows you to edit your Will for free for the first year (not just a one-shot type of deal).
  • That comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee.
  • The comes with a free comprehensive eBook about Wills in your Province.
  • That comes with free signing instructions (to help you avoid making mistakes when signing your Will).
  • That comes with a Personal Information, Assets and Liabilities Checklist (to help you get organized).
  • That is regularly updated (particularly when laws change).
  • That has received lots of testimonials from other customers and which has been featured in national and local media (see below).

And that’s exactly what the Will-O-Matic Wizard aims to deliver.

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