I’m back…Update…

Wow! I can’t believe the last time I blogged was almost two months ago…well, for good reason: I just finished writing a draft book on Criminal Records in Canada. It is set to be published next year. I researched and wrote the book with the help of good friends who know the industry like the back of their hand. I knew nothing about criminal records when I started. But I put my nose to the books and made some phone calls and now the book is basically good to go…I’ll even be offering some insights (through my blog) into this strange and unknown topic that impacts so many people.

Now let me give you a quick update on all things Dynamic Legal Forms-related:

We were recently featured in The Voice in Diaspora, another free daily based out of Hamilton. In this article, I talk about how Dynamic Legal Forms is the best way to find a lawyer.

We are working on some VERY BIG stuff for the new year. It’s been a long-time coming and the time and effort may prove worth it. I’ll make the announcement as soon as it’s official…but for now…lets just say I’m very excited about the near and long-term future of Dynamic Legal Forms 🙂

With the book out of the way, I will be going back to blogging, setting up my new downtown office, and practicing more business law.

Feels good to be back…

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