I’m back and ready to work…

I got back from Mexico this week and boy was I NOT READY for the weather. I was also shocked to learn that we were heading into another election in 6 weeks. Crazy! And just look at our Canadian dollar soar! Wow! So much changes when you’re in sitting on a beach, having fun and drinking Dos Equis beer (which, as it happens, grows on you).

So with a new tan and a refreshed attitude, it’s back to business as usual. I’ve formed a new law firm with Toronto litigator David Mayzel called DMC Law (with a new website, to offer legal services to dentists. We are helping dentists to incorporate their practice, buy and sell practices, employ associates or hire independent contractors, assist with their tax or wills and estates planning, etc. We are the #1 place dentists should go for their legal needs. To this end, we have:

  • Created a new website to keep dentists apprised of the latest and greatest legal stuff for the dental world;
  • Written an eBook entitled “Ontario Dental Law” which is over 100 pages long and which we’ll be giving away for FREE for the time being (just email me at if you want a complimentary copy); and
  • Written an article about tips and traps when hiring and firing associates – which is set to appear in the May edition of Ontario Dentist Magazine (the magazine of Ontario Dental Association).

Now, apart from my law practice, lets get back to Dynamic Legal Forms. I’m still talking with interested parties who saw my escapades on CBC’s Dragon’s Den. Things move slowly and there are lots of people to talk to…so we’ll just have to be patient.

In terms of our legal forms + video guides, however, that is something that we’re not waiting around for: we’ve got over 100 legal forms and we’re planning on coming out with a number of new ones over the next week or so. These will include: residential leases for all of the provinces. That’s right: ALL OF THE PROVINCES (except Quebec and the territories, of course).

So if you live outside Ontario and you’re looking for a residential lease agreement (because you want to rent out your apartment), then keep coming back here to check out our progress.

We’ll also be updating our cohabitation agreement, prenuptial agreement, and marriage contract for Ontario in light of some recent cases that have come out – essentially abolishing the doctrine of common intention resulting trust for the purposes of making property claims in the family law context. I’ll get into those in the next few blogs.

So I’m back and I’m ready to work hard…

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