How Dynamic Legal Forms works…

Michael CarabashI’m often asked how Dynamic Legal Forms would work in reality. Here’s a quick and real example: I received a phone call the other day from a referral who wanted to know how to go about transferring their home into their spouses name. This is not something I’ve dealt with. I’m not a real estate lawyer. Rather than waste time and jeopardize doing something wrong, I directed the referral to Dynamic Legal Forms to put their question out there for lawyers who focus on this area.

All lawyers who are registered with Dynamic Legal Forms could search for and find this post. Also, if the lawyers has indicated in their account info that they practice “Real Estate” or “Tax” law (depending on how the user identified the legal area in the post), they would receive the post instantly in their online account and in their email account – to which they could respond. If the post is marked “public”, then everyone visiting the website would be able to search for the post. If the post is marked “private”, then only lawyers who are signed in and searching for the post or who have received the post in their account or inbox would be able to view and respond to it.

If you appreciate visuals, then check out this one page document entitled “How Dynamic Legal Forms Works”.

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