History of Dynamic Legal Forms…

Michael CarabashI am a sole practitioner with my own law practice here in Toronto (focusing on business law, lobbying, and litigation). I was surfing (a popular free classifieds website) earlier last year and noticed something peculiar: in the clutter of lawyer posts advertising their services on mass, a few individuals (i.e. non lawyers) had taken the initiative to actually post their legal problems online and seek legal advice. These individuals were onto something: they were leveraging technology to get quick and free answers from lawyers, including how much it would cost for a particular legal service. I responded to two of them and now they’re both my clients. This got me thinking: why not have a website dedicated to people posting their legal issues online and getting free information and quotes from local lawyers? So, with the help of two tech-savvy friends from business school, I set out to develop a website called Dynamic Legal Forms that does exactly that. After months of hard work, the website officially launched in Toronto in November 2008. Since launching, Dynamic Legal Forms has been featured in the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, CFRB1010 Radio, Toronto Sun, 24 Hours, Toronto Business Times, Law Times, and more are on their way…

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