Testimonial from another lawyer

Here is a testimonial from a lawyer who purchased a cohabitation agreement that turns into a prenuptial agreement / marriage contract when the parties marry each other:

“Hi Michael,

I am not your typical form purchaser as I am also a lawyer. I went on your website because I was drafting a pre-nuptial agreement for a client buying a house with her boyfriend. I was doing a lot of research in this area and wanted to compare a bunch of different precedents. AND most of all – to make sure that I wasn’t missing anything. Out of all the templates that I reviewed (online and from the Law Society library) yours was the best.

Your form was actually understandable!! More lawyers need to draft UNDERSTANDABLE agreements rather than pages and pages of old english babble.

Thanks so much for your help.”

This kind of feedback really encourages me to keep going. I never realized that other lawyers would be using my legal forms. When your peers are reviewing your work, and they think it’s good, then you realize you’re doing a good job! Phew!

So you see, it’s not just about what you kind get for free on the Internet. It’s about delivering a top notch and quality product for a good price. I not only provide you with a lawyer-prepared and easy to understand / customizable legal form, but I also give you a TON of free guidance (e.g. a video tutorial and written guides). All of this would otherwise cost thousands of dollars for a lawyer to prepare for you. And I sell the packages for only a fraction of that price!

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