Goldhawk Fights Back (AM740) – Synopsis

Michael CarabashSo after being on Goldhawk Fights Back today (11:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on AM740 Zoomers Radio with Dale Goldhawk), here’s what I have to report…First, it’s always great to get publicity for a worth cause – namely, Dynamic Legal Forms (which allows users to freely and anonymously post their legal issue(s) and get information and quotes from local lawyers). So I must say thanks to Mary and Dale for letting me talk about what I love to talk about – access to justice, empowering the consumer, specific legal issues, etc. Second, I was impressed and astonished by the calibre of the comments and questions that came through the line. On the one hand, people have had disastrous experiences with lawyers (problems with communication, billing, fees, representation, etc.). On the other hand, people had quick and easy resolutions by using lawyers. Third, the discussion tackled many important legal-related issues, ranging from access to justice, lawyer fees (in the form of the billable hour and alternatives such as fixed fees and barter exchange, etc.), contingency fees, why lawyers charge so much, invoice assessments, initial consultations with lawyers (which I’ve previously blogged about), and use of the website. So there’s a lot of demand from the public for this and other kind of information that should be readily available. Overall, I greatly appreciated this opportunity to discuss these important issues. Thank you Dale GoldHawk and Goldhawk Fights Back!

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