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Michael CarabashWatch out for tomorrow’s Law Page in the Globe and Mail! Richard Susskind’s The End of Lawyers? and Dynamic Legal Forms are being featured in Jacquie McNish’s article entitled “A novel idea: the end of lawyers”.

At present, the article can be read here. I coincidentally ran into Jacquie at the Richard Susskind book launch. As she was heading out, I mentioned to her that Richard Susskind’s 1996 book entitled “The Future of Law” was the reason I developed Dynamic Legal Forms.

In her article, Jacquie mentions what’s happening overseas in the U.K. (e.g. document drafting services, websites that allow users to research regulation and compliance standards around the globe, etc.) and compares it to what’s happening in North America (not as fast to embrace change). That being said, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s what Jacquie wrote about Dynamic Legal Forms (with corrections added):

U.S. and Canadian law firms have been slow to embrace British innovations, but new competitors are starting to innovate. In November, Toronto lawyer Michael Carabash launched an online legal service called Dynamic Legal Forms that charges lawyers a modest monthly fee of $30 to connect with individuals who privately post legal questions on the website. So far, Mr. Carabash said, 36 lawyers have registered to offer legal advice to 237 posts.

The service gives posters a chance to check a variety of legal advice for free and lawyers get the opportunity to build ties with potential clients.

“I started this business because of what Richard Susskind has been saying. The profession is changing,” Mr. Carabash said.

The Dynamic Legal Forms of the legal world are just the beginning, Mr. Susskind said.”

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