Garry Wise, Omar Ha-Redeye, and Michael Carabash teaming up…

Michael CarabashSo Garry Wise, Omar Ha-Redeye, and myself are teaming up to offer something different and (we hope) interesting. We realized we had to do something together – the Google Juices were overflowing and our creative and innovative minds couldn’t be held back. The following was taken from a recent post on Garry Wise’s blog:

I have learned quite a bit over two recent dinner discussions with Michael and Omar, who are both extremely insightful and knowledgeable about just about everything. They are among the leaders of a creative, new breed of tech-savvy legal thinkers who are guided by a genuine understanding of how emerging web-based technologies are changing the way lawyers and our clients can and will interact. Quite a few ideas came out of those two discussions, and Omar, Michael and I will have something very interesting in store for you in the very near future… (shameless teaser alert)

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