FREE Revocation of Will? Not Quite…But it’s the next BEST thing!

FREE Revocation of Will? Not quite…but it’s the next best thing…

We have just released a Revocation of Last Will and Testament for Ontario. While it’s not FREE, it’s pretty darn affordable: ONLY $17! In addition to the lawyer-prepared, customizable, and downloadable legal form, you get a FREE Video Tutorial (watch an example of how to customize it), a FREE WRITTEN GUIDE (read helpful information about this legal form) and ANOTHER FREE WRITTEN GUIDE (entitled “Is My Legal Form Valid and Enforceable?”). All for just $17? Awesome! Best of all, if you need a lawyer, just go to and make a post to get free quotes.

cancelling a last will and testament ontario

This Ontario legal form can be used by a testator or testatrix (i.e. a person who has made a Will) to revoke a previously made Last Will and Testament. To be valid and enforceable in Ontario, this legal form must be signed by the testator / testatrix in front of 2 witnesses. As an added bonus, we have included TWO affidavits of attestation / execution to show that the Notice of Revocation of Will has been witnessed by two people. Those individuals would swear or affirm in this Affidavit of Attestation | Execution that they witnessed the signing of the Notice of Revocation of Will (which is attached to the Affidavit as Exhibit “A”) before a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits (e.g.a lawyer).

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