FREE Residential Sublease Agreement Form? Not Quite! But it’s the next best thing!

FREE Residential Lease Agreement Template? Not quite…but it’s the next best thing…

We have just released a Residential Sublease Agreement for Ontario. While it’s not FREE, it’s pretty darn affordable: ONLY $37! In addition to the lawyer-prepared, customizable, and downloadable legal form, you get a FREE Video Tutorial (watch an example of how to customize it), a FREE WRITTEN GUIDE (read helpful information about this legal form) and ANOTHER FREE WRITTEN GUIDE (entitled “Is My Legal Form Valid and Enforceable?”). All for just $37? Awesome! Best of all, if you need a lawyer, just go to and make a post to get free quotes.

Sublease Agreement Ontario

This legal form can be used by a Tenant to rent out their rental unit. This agreement requires all 3 parties (Landlord, Tenant, and Subtenant) to sign. The Landlord consents to the . You need to read the DL Guide to know what is and isn’t legal with respect to residential subleases. For example, did you know that the Tenant cannot charge more to the Sub-Tenant than what the Landlord is charging the Tenant? Also, did you know that there is no overholding period with respect to the Sub-Tenant (i.e. after the term or period of sub-tenancy expires, the term or period is not automatically renewed – unlike with a regular lease agreement!). Sub-Tenants are not necessarily equal under the law to Tenants.

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