Free Legal Advice? Interesting Development in B.C. (Advice-a-Thon)

Michael CarabashSome interesting developments are happening in B.C.

Nancy Kinney of Advice Scene is helping to promote the Pro Bono Law of B.C.”s Advice-a-Thon, which is a three day even held in Vancouver (September 11), Kelowna (September 15), and Victoria (September 18), B.C.

Advice-a-Thon lawyers volunteer their time to provide free legal advice to raise funds ($20,000) so B.C.’s pro bono programs can continue to facilitate access to justice for low and middle income people. Advice Scene staff will be live blogging on-site and interviewing lawyers and organizers during the Advice-a-Thon.

Advice Scene is a fully moderated, social networking community linking lawyers and the public to provide a free and democratic exchange of legal information. President Nancy Kinney explains, “ was founded on the belief that an effective legal system includes democratizing the law through providing free legal information and advice that everyone can access.” As part of its pledge to donate 5% of advertising revenues to pro bono legal efforts in Canada, Advice Scene has already donated $550 to the Advice-a-Thon event.

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