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Michael CarabashSo alongside the release of our new eBook, I’ll be releasing bits and pieces of that eBook right here in the blog. Remember, just go here to download the full eBook (just scroll to the bottom).

Step 4: Evaluate [Web Analytics]
Nothing stays the same and you will need to constantly monitor your performance and make adjustments. This is the final step and I’ll be discussing some tips and tricks you can use to evaluate your website’s performance.

You’ve heard it before, but it’s worth repeating: content is king. So the first step is to find out how much of your content has been indexed by search engines. This is easy. Just go to or and type in the following: site: [URL]. So, if your website was, then you would type in: The search engines will display all of the pages they’ve indexed from your site.

Another tool you can use to determine how Google (and likely other search engines) ranks your page is to visit Google Page Rank. I’ve previously talked about Page Rank. Just go to the website and type in your URL (e.g. Within a matter of seconds, Google Page Rank will return a number out of 10 that gives you insight into how well ranked your website is on Google. Most websites are ranked 0,1, or 2. You should keep coming back to this tool to see if your law firm search engine optimization techniques, strategies, and perhaps vendors are improving your search engine results.

Finally, it is definitely worthwhile to invest in website analytics (like Google analytics, Awstats and Webalizer) to help you track each visit and action on your website. Website analytics tells you everything you wanted to know about how website visitors found you and how they interact and navigate through your website. Good web analytics software which will tell you things like:

  • How strong is visitor loyalty with respect to recency, length of visit, and depth of visit?
  • What are your website’s top landing pages and exit pages?
  • What are the direct and indirect sources of your website’s traffic (e.g. direct traffic, referring website, search engines, etc.)?
  • When are most people visiting your website?
  • Where are your visitors geographically located?
  • Which keywords and search phrases are visitors using to find your website?
  • Which browsers are visitors using to find your website?

Importantly, you should definitely be using sophisticated analytics software to manage your e-mail lead campaigns and pay per click advertising campaigns to see what’s working and what isn’t.

You need to be online NOW to market your legal services to prospective clients, educate existing clients on new legal developments, and manage online risks. For better or worse, MY generation is going to be the next set of clients paying your bills. If you can’t appreciate the fact that WE use technology and the internet to buy goods and services, then you will be left in the dust. In this eBook, I have given you countless tips and tricks based on my knowledge and experiences to successfully engage in online legal marketing. My four step approach – (1) Strategize [find the right keywords], (2) Optimize [Make your content search engine friendly], (3) Promote [linkation, linkation, linkation], and (4) Evaluate [Web Analytics] – will help you get higher search engine rankings. BUT don’t waste your own time and energy trying to do everything yourself. When you’re ready, you should contact me to help you strategize and execute your online marketing needs. You can e-mail me directly at

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