FREE Affidavit of Attestation of Instrument? Not Quite! But it’s the next best thing!

FREE Affidavit of Execution? Not quite…but it’s the next best thing…

We have just released an Affidavit of Execution (Two Witnesses) for Ontario. While it’s not FREE, it’s pretty darn affordable: ONLY $17! In addition to the lawyer-prepared, customizable, and downloadable legal form, you get a FREE Video Tutorial (watch an example of how to customize it), a FREE WRITTEN GUIDE (read helpful information about this legal form) and ANOTHER FREE WRITTEN GUIDE (entitled “Is My Legal Form Valid and Enforceable?”). All for just $17? Awesome! Best of all, if you need a lawyer, just go to and make a post to get free quotes.

Affidavit of Execution | Attestation Ontario

This Ontario Agreement can be used to show that a separate written document or legal form has been witnessed by TWO people. These individuals would swear or affirm in this Affidavit of Attestation | Execution that they witnessed the signing of another document, which is attached to the Affidavit as Exhibit “A”.

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