FREE 28 page eBOOK: Wills and Estates in Ontario…

As a follow up to our new FREE eBook entitled “Buying and Selling Residential Real Estate in Ontario“, we have just released ANOTHER MUST HAVE and FREE EBOOK: “Wills and Estates in Ontario“.

This 28 page eBook will cover topics such as:

– What is a Will?

– What are the legal requirements to have a valid Will in Ontario?

– How do you prepare to have your Will drafted?

– How do you amend your Will or terminate it?

– What happens if you die without a Will?

– What is an International Will?

– What is a Power of Attorney and why do you need them?

Grab your copy today!

Remember: the information provided in the eBook is not legal advice and is provided for informational and educational purposes only. If you need legal advice with respect to Wills and Estates matters (e.g. preparing a Will and Power of Attorney package), seek professional assistance (e.g. make a post on Dynamic Legal Forms). We have Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Brampton, Mississauga and other Ontario lawyers registered to help you with your Wills and Estates matters.

In case you were looking for a Continuing Power of Attorney legal form, look no further:

Continuing Power of Attorney for Property (Ontario)

This Legal Form can be used to appoint a person to make decisions on your behalf concerning your property and finances. It can impose limits on your attorney for property. Also, it is called “Continuing” or “Enduring” to signify that, even after you become incapable of making decisions concerning your own property, this Power of Attorney for Property will still be valid and applicable. We also have a Power of Attorney for Personal Care available on Dynamic Legal Forms if you need one, as well as a Living Will (these things are typically done all at the same time with your Last Will and Testament). Here’s the sample Video Guide that comes with this Continuing Power of Attorney for Property:

Remember: if you need an Ontario lawyer, go to Dynamic Legal Forms and make a post.

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