Employment Agreement | Contract: Updated DL Guide!

Employment Agreement | Contract

We’re keeping on trucking with all of our updates…And now we’ve just updated our Ontario Employment Agreement | Contract DL Guide! This DL Guide can be read in full below:

We’ve expanded it from 20 to 50 pages. We’ve added more sections, cases, and tons of new information that every employer should be aware of when negotiating an employment agreement with a prospective employee. They can now read up more about avoiding discrimination in the hiring process, restrictive covenants tips and traps, and constructive dismissal. A definite must have for every Employer. And if you need a legal form, then be sure to check out our $47 plus taxes employment agreement for Ontario. It comes with a FREE Video Tutorial, a FREE Written DL Guide that discusses the various legal issues you should be aware of when customizing the legal form, and ANOTHER FREE WRITTEN DL GUIDE that is entitled “Is My Legal Form Valid and Enforceable?”. There’s truly nothing else like this on the market. You should definitely look into it!

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