27 Report discussed in Law Times this week…

Michael CarabashIn this week’s Law Times newspaper, Robert Todd discusses Dynamic Legal Forms‘ first report on Toronto Lawyers and the Internet. Robert Todd’s article can be viewed here.

You can read the article for yourself, but the bottom line, as I point out in the report and in the article, is that solo and small firm Toronto lawyers have a long way to go to embrace the Internet as a place to promote themselves and provide meaningful information to prospective clients. More and more, Torontonians are hopping online to look up things on Google. They’re connecting through Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn. They’re buying things on eBay and advertising their goods and services on Craigslist. They’re going online to find information and deals. They’re increasing their buyer power and putting those who don’t get online at risk of losing them.

For the report, we surveyed 1,000 randomly-selected solo and small firm Toronto lawyers and found that, while most of them could be found online, about 1/4 of them didn’t have website, of those who did have websites, virtually half of them had no meaningful content (e.g. articles, cases, commentary, etc.), and only 13 websites had blogs. At the end of the day, much remains to be done by these and other lawyers to get on the Internet and market themselves properly…

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