DynamicLawyers + CanadaLegal = Good Stuff…

I am pleased to announce that Dynamic Legal Forms and Canada Legal have teamed up to promote each others’ services. We’ve added a permanent link to Canada Legal on the DL Blog under “Free Legal Resources”. Canada Legal has added links to our Legal Forms + Video Guides.

Canada Legal was founded by lawyer Peter Cusimano, an entrepreneurial Toronto business lawyer. The website launched on April 22, 1999 as a go-to place for everyday people to find Canadian legal resources. It was the first of its kind and contains over 3500 links to Canadian legal resources. Links are categorized under 99 areas of law, 48 categories and provinces. Canada Legal also allows searching using any combination of multiple legal specific search criteria. Canada Legal was ahead of its time and still offers everyday people tons of free legal information. Canada Legal is owned by Corporation, a private Canadian Internet Company.

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