Dynamic Legal Forms presentation to the YWCA

Michael CarabashToday’s Dynamic Legal Forms presentation to the YWCA was a hit! I introduced long-time family law litigator and the founder of the Hope Centre for Family Law in Ontario, Steven Bookman, to the Scarborough YWCA’s members and staff. During his brief introduction, Steven spoke about the importance of settling, common and practical issues that arise in litigation, and the avenues available for self-help litigants (e.g. Thereafter, Steven spent the next hour answering any and all questions the audience had about family law. The issues ranged from getting a divorce certificate, custody and access, dealing with abuse, and spousal and child support. Issues of employment and immigration also came into the discussion and Steven was able to address those as well. All in all, I was very impressed by the level of engagement during today’s presentation and the overall need for services such as Dynamic Legal Forms and Many people – particularly women – cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars an hour on lawyer fees. That’s why there is a new trends towards unbundled legal services to help self-represented litigants get the answers they need by guiding them to understand their substantive rights and court processes. All in all, a very good presentation – one I’m sure Steven and I will be repeating in the not too distant future.

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